Once upon a time, if you had the know-how, building your own computer could save you a whole bunch of cash on a personalised system that was fitted exactly to your needs.

Is that still the case today? Computers have come a long way and companies understand that they need to be able to compete with the smaller manufacturers who sell component parts for those to build their own systems, cheaper than they do.

Computers have changed a lot since their first inception and continue to change rapidly amidst an ever-evolving market and breakthroughs in technology. Computers we buy now can become obsolete rather quickly, which is why the idea of adapting your own computer with separate component parts became such a big deal: why buy a brand new computer when you could simply upgrade the component that was struggling to keep up?

Build V Buy

Building your own computer and buying one each have their own advantages and disadvantages:

One of the major disadvantages of buying a ready-made computer is that it is rare that you will find one that has everything you are looking for. Sure, if you just want a computer for the basics, then one that is already put together will probably meet all your requirements, but if you have specific needs; maybe you want the computer for gaming or downloading lots of data? Buying a computer will simply mean you have to make compromises.

If you are building your own, you can hand select the parts you need to create that perfectly personalised computer that has everything you want and doesn’t require you to make any compromises at all.

One drawback to building your own computer is that all of your components will likely be sourced from different manufacturers. When something goes wrong with a bought computer, you will most likely have a guarantee or a warranty and a single supplier to help deal with the problem. When you have constructed the computer yourself, you will need to be able to find exactly where you sourced the component from in order to either have it fixed, or replaced. However, if a single component requires replacing, this can be a blessing in disguise for custom-built models, where owners are able to simply replace the broken part themselves.

There is definitely a level of understanding required for anyone to build their own computer. Sourcing the correct components is time-consuming and incredibly frustrating, especially for first timers. Research needs to be done to ensure that all your components are compatible, that they will fit into your system, have the correct wattage etc. If it is your first time building a computer, chances are you are going to make a few mistakes, just make sure those mistakes aren’t too costly.

Whether you have bought your computer or built one yourself, if anything goes wrong, always feel free contact Above IT for computer repairs in Brisbane.