Catching a computer virus can become a real nightmare. Not only can they pose a serious security risk, they can also cause significant harm to your computer.

But what are the two most common causes of computer viruses in 2018?

Unsafe Websites and Downloads

Hands down, this is the most common cause of computer virus in 2018. All it takes is a quick link click or press of a ‘download’ button, and you’re suddenly pulling your hair out as your computer goes into meltdown.

Although you might have some top-notch security installed on your machine, you still need to be incredibly careful when browsing the internet. It’s no secret that the web can be a scary place at times, and unfortunately it’s littered with nasty viruses, vicious malwares and unsecure connections.

The best way to counter this is to set up a strong firewall and filter out as many nasty websites as possible. The safest websites will all display an SSL certificate and HTTPS connection, while Google Chrome actually flags any insecure websites straight away.

If you’ve been consistently exploring new websites and downloading files without incident, then don’t let this give you a false sense of security. A virus can come out of nowhere and will get you when you least expect it- which is exactly what causes you to download it in the first place.

Opening Strange Email Attachments

Just because someone has sent you an email doesn’t necessarily mean they’re your friend. In fact, if it’s coming from an unfamiliar source, then there’s a good chance that the sender could mean you harm.

Fortunately, it’s usually fairly easy to spot a sneaky bit of spam or a generally shady email, so most of us can just delete these and move on with our lives. However, a small number of virus-carrying emails are a little more sophisticated and prove much subtler in inciting users to click on them. Then, in just a simple click, our systems are infected by some sort of malware.

The emails to be aware of are ones containing an attachment, and you should never open something if you aren’t sure what it is or where it came from. However, a virus could also come in the form a link contained in the email, so you ALWAYS need to be careful when handling emails from unknown sources.

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