Sometimes having your online activities tracked by Google and Facebook for marketing purposes is the least you have to worry about.

Imagine discovering someone had installed software onto your computer or mobile device that could track everything you did online – and we mean everything! From phone calls and texts, to social media posts, internet searches, even streaming and downloading services. Imagine if someone could secretly track and share all this without you knowing about it.

But what would anyone want with this information?

Overprotective parents? Jealous partners? Or something worse? If hackers can manage to install this software onto your devices then they can use the information to blackmail you, make you lose your job, or even steal from you.

How do you spot ‘Stalkerware’?

Stalkerware is a programme that can be installed on a computer, whether it is by a jealous ex, paranoid partner, or simply employers who want to track their employee’s online habits on work computers.

Once installed on a computer or device, it logs everything you do – visited websites, sent messages, some can even record phone calls and voicemails. The data is then sent to the person who installed the programme on your phone, where they can do whatever they want with the information.

How can you tell if you are being monitored?

There are a few things that you can consciously look out for if you think that you have been the victim of spying software:

  • Installation Opportunity

Most stalkerware requires the installer to have a physical access to your device. If you think someone has unmonitored access to your computer, phone or tablet and has the ability to bypass your password, there’s a possibility they could have installed the programme.

  • Performance Issues

Is your device acting strangely? Stalkerware uses a lot of CPU power in the background which will slow down your device and drain your battery.

  • Unknown apps running in the background

Always check for apps running in the background that you don’t recognise. If you find any applications that are unfamiliar to you, research them online to check they aren’t legitimate programmes under unrecognisable names.

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