[wdc_heading title=”Hardware Updates”]Quick Fix | Testing & Feedback | Fast Return[/wdc_heading]

Above IT, can carry out almost any hardware upgrade for your desktop pc or laptop onsite  in our dedicated service vehicle.

Whether you are looking to increase storage space, upgrade to the latest SSD technology, power supply replacement, memory (RAM) upgrades we can do what ever you need (within reason of the PC or laptop and it’s upgrade-ability.

Dont already have the part? no problem. Just let us know what your plans are and we can arrange to make sure that we bring what is needed with us to get the job completed on time.

Above IT specializes in custom upgrades and water cooling systems and can also organise to have a fully custom PC built into desk’s, beer kegs, you name it. Have an idea for an outragious gaming pc case design and built just for you?¬† Get in touch with us today, and experience the next level in IT.

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  • Memory Upgrades
  • All Brands Repaired
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Battery Replacements
  • Mac Diagnostic Service
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacements
  • Cracked Hinges or Panels
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair