Brett Poole

Founder & IT Consultant
Brett Poole is our dedicated onsite computer repair person. Not only does Brett complete all the onsite computer repairs, but he and his wife Melanie Poole, do all of the website and hosting work as well. Brett is always looking for ways to improve the business and constantly implementing new procedures (after his wife approves them) to help minimize possible down time and try to keep costs as low as possible for our valued customers. With 10+ years experience in the IT industry, if there is something Brett cannot achieve, you can be assured he knows someone in the industry who can help to get the job completed first time, every time.

Melanie Poole

Accounts & Marketing
Melanie Poole has been with Above IT since day 1. Not only does she do a fantastic job at keeping the books in-line and makes sure all of our marketing is up to scratch, she also does absolutely everything in her power to make sure the other staff are doing the job they are employed to do. Following up jobs with a phone call is also something Melanie loves to do, as she then also gets to mingle with our awesome customers. So thank you Melanie. For all of your hard work. We would not be where we are today without you.