Apple is probably the world’s biggest – and most recognisable – consumer electronics company on the planet. You can’t go anywhere in the world without seeing an iPhone, or stumble across the Apple logo.

They are also the most notoriously difficult electronic devices to repair and to recycle – bringing the company a lot of criticism. But what does Apple do that makes their devices so difficult to repair? We take a look inside:


Gone are the days when devices were held together with screws, nuts and bolts. Apple has moved away from these, choosing now to use adhesive to hold its components in place as fasteners tend to ruin the sleek and lightweight appeal of their devices and make it far too easy to get inside the device.

Using adhesive to hold components like screens, batteries, cabling and other components makes it very difficult to repair as prying parts free from their adhesive can damage other components, even puncture the battery.

Small Screws

In order to make smaller devices, Apple had to miniaturise its fasteners. The iPad mini is held together using some of the smallest screws available. When it is isn’t using tiny screws, Apple makes use of proprietary screws which require special tools to undo them. Even with special tools, these proprietary screws, such as the ones found on the iPhone are so small they are very easy to lose or to damage.

Proprietary Components

Most notebooks are easily upgradeable when the user finds they might need more storage. The same cannot be said for Apple’s MacBook Pro. Apple use proprietary drives which are very difficult to upgrade or repair and will need to be seen to by a professional.

RAM Soldered onto Motherboard

Apple will solder their RAM directly onto the motherboard, making them impossible to upgrade. This is bad news for those who like to add to their computers over time. Once your MacBook has left the factory, there is little that can be done in improving performance from a hardware point of view.

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