The internet can be a pretty scary place.

In fact, the dangers posed by online viruses, phishing scams and social media can leave parents with a real headache. The use of computers has become such a huge part of modern society, it’s only natural for children to eventually start exploring the web, whether this be at home or during classes at school.

Of course, it isn’t all doom and gloom, because the internet is always packed with wonderful places to learn and create- which is exactly what will attract your children in the first place. However, it’s only natural for you to wonder how to keep them safe as they explore the online world.

Set Up Parental Controls

For any parent, whether you’ve got a teenager or younger kids, this should be one of the first things you do.

You should try to think of the internet as a safari park. Children will rush straight to the most dangerous, exciting animals, while parents will be much more cautious in their approach. The same is true with websites, with teenagers perhaps more inclined to search out offensive comments and inappropriate downloads.

Without question, you’ll need to get a handle on this. Setting up parental controls will not only limit the amount of time your kids are spending on the net, but will also block out websites that are deemed inappropriate or dangerous.

Teach Them All About Passwords

This might be something that your children will learn at school, however there’s certainly no harm in reminding them of just how important passwords can be.

Your children need to be taught what constitutes a strong password, as well as the importance of having different passphrases for different accounts. Since we can end up storing so much personal data on the internet these days, children should be shown how crucial it is to keep that information secure.

With stronger passwords in place, your children’s various accounts will be much more secure.

Talk To Them About It

Okay, so we are by no means parenting experts here at AboveIT, but simply talking through the dangers of internet browsing can work wonders in keeping your kids safer online.

You can implement parental controls, keep an eye on their search history and even explore their most visited websites yourself, but sometimes nothing works better than a good heart-to-heart. It may sound like an uncomfortable conversation, but children need to know about the vicious malwares, dangerous predators and relentless scammers that prowl the internet.

After all, if they aren’t aware of these dangers, then they won’t feel inclined to protect themselves.

But if your child does accidentally download a virus online, then you’ll need to bring your computer straight here to AboveIT. Providing the best computer repairs Brisbane has to offer, we do everything we can to make sure your children stay safer online.