Let’s be honest: sometimes the internet can be a pretty scary place.

You hear horror stories in the news about people getting ripped off or scammed online, while the movies teach us that hackers are just waiting to steal your personal information. Although we might be used to seeing these stories with a slight Hollywood sheen, that doesn’t hide the fact that these things can actually happen.

Therefore, it’s never been more important to keep yourself protected online and to implement relevant security measures. But how should you get started?

Keep Your Logins Secure

This is such a basic thing to do, we’d hardly even call this a security measure. However, it’s truly frightening just how many people don’t keep their logins secure.

Whether you’ve got your desktop password on a sticky note or allow other people to log in to your accounts, it’s never a good idea to share your passwords with other people. Your passwords need to be complicated, too, while you also need to have different logins for your various accounts (even if it’s a nightmare to remember them all!).

Set Up A Firewall

Although you might be set up on a secured network, the only way to stay completely safe is by putting up a firewall. This electronic barrier will block out any unauthorized access, meaning that online gaming, payment transactions and generally accessing the internet are made much safer than usual.

A firewall will also ensure all the devices hooked up to your network are kept protected, while you can also block remote malware attacks and unwanted content.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Since your computer will be constantly reminding you, it’s fairly hard to forget to install some anti-virus software. This will keep you better protected from aggressive malware and viruses, allowing you to feel safer when opening emails and clicking on unknown websites.

This is an essential way of staying cyber safe in 2018; while neglecting this software could soon result in a search for the best computer repairs Brisbane has to offer, when your computer inevitably breaks down thanks to some vicious malware! After all, you can never be too careful these days.